Client: Felix UK Ltd

Project title: Charlotte St, London
Timeframe: May 2019 to June 2020
Value: £65,000


The client needed proximity sensors and triggers retro fitted to over 300 top hung manually opening vents to an eight storey building in central London.

Work done by Edson Windows Limited

Neil proposed a procedure for fitting the sensors from inside the building which prevented any need for external works employing cherry-pickers and or cradles. By the in-house development of a safety “Catch Tray” components were prevented from falling outside the building during the installation process. The main contractor approved both the works process and the catch tray, thereby saving considerable time and money and the shortening of the over-all works program.

Edson provided all necessary labour to complete these works, up to and including commissioning.

Neil has the experience and the ability to think "Outside-the-Box" so as to come up with ideas that both save money and get the job done. I have used Neil’s services on other Felix projects and found him to be completely reliable and professional at all times, my “go-to-man”. Martin Saltern, Project Manager, Felix UK Ltd.

Charlotte St cable routing
Charlotte St cable
Charlotte St
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