Client: Felix UK Ltd

Project title: Buckingham Green, London
Timeframe: May 2017 to June 2020
Value: £45,000


The client needed to service/repair over 300 motorised parallel opening vents to include commissioning and ‘Sign Off’ with main-contractor.

Work done by Edson Windows Limited

Neil ensured that all the vents, which utilised a fully integrated 5 motor GU system, were fully operational prior to handover. In some circumstances this required micro adjustment or replacement of motors due to site damage. Work was completed on time.

Detailed completion schedules were produced for submission to the main-contractor.

Additional work relating to automatic motorised pass doors was also requested and completed.

We relied on Neil to solve issues without supervision and in the most cost effective manner, he made new tooling and jigs to assist with the tasks in hand.

We have retained Neil for all future building projects to include repairs, upgrades and advice for new concept drawings. Dan Gray, Contracts Manager, Felix UK Ltd.

Buckingham Green Bespoke GU-K35 Test Rig Buckingham Green
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