Case Studies

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In recent years we have helped our clients solve a multitude of issues and supported installation and repair of high end facades and fenestration.

Client: Felix UK Ltd

Project title: Charlotte St, London
Timeframe: May 2019 to June 2020
Value: £65,000


The client needed proximity sensors and triggers retro fitted to over 300 top hung manually opening vents to an eight storey building in central London.

Find out how Neil retro fitted proximity sensors...  

Client: Bellapart

Project title: ME Hotel, The Strand
Timeframe: May 2018
Value: £8,000


Replacement of 1 no. full height sealed unit on behalf of Bellapart at ground level for the ME Hotel on The Strand.

Find out how what Neil was doing on The Strand...  

Client: Southampton Council - Capita

Project title: One Guildhall, Southampton
Timeframe: April 2015 to July 2015
Value: £8,500


Supply and install 1 no. replacement double glazed unit without formal report.

Find out how Neil fixed nickel sulphide inclusion...  

Client: Felix UK Ltd

Project title: Buckingham Green, London
Timeframe: May 2017 to June 2020
Value: £45,000


The client needed to service/repair over 300 motorised parallel opening vents to include commissioning and ‘Sign Off’ with main-contractor.

Find out how Neil repaired over 300 motorised parallel opening vents...  

Client: Chaneys Chartered Surveyors

Project title: Victory Hill, Basingstoke
Project age: 15 years approximately
Timeframe: July 2019


Long term (from new) water leak to curtain wall façade to two penthouse apartments. Water coming down the inside face of the curtain walling at ceiling level.

Find out how Neil helped Chaneys...  

Client: Bombay Sapphire

Project title: Botanical Glass Houses
Timeframe: May 2016 ongoing
Value: £20,000


Repair 2no. Jansen 90% double door sets to 2no. glass houses without formal report. The structure is a bespoke free-style steel system to include clear laminate glass infills.

Find out how Neil solved the glass house...  

Client: Corley + Woolley, obo Sandberg

Project title: 101 St Martin’s Lane, London
Timeframe: August 2017 to March 2018
Value: £40,000


Atrium roof water leak investigation coupled with remedial works without formal report. The system was a 30 year old MERO Vario Clip to both the roofline and vertical atrium wall.

Find out how did Neil fix the atrium roof...  
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